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George Nelson Net Light for Herman Miller

George Nelson Net Light for Herman Miller

$670.00 CAD

Bubble Lamps are perhaps the most recognizable works from George
Nelson’s large collection of product designs, but they are not the only
lighting fixtures he ever created. Modernica is now bringing back an
exceptionally rare, less known George Nelson design - the Net Light.
The George Nelson Net Light® series was released by Howard Miller Clock
Company in 1959 and less than 1000 were ever produced. The series of
pendant lamps were constructed of fine, web-coated plastic netting that
was stretched over metal rings to create interesting geometric shapes.
The lights were designed so that they could be attached to each-other in
different combinations to form “chains” of pendant lamps that hung down
from the ceiling in long, unique stacks. Today, only a scarce few of the
original Net Lights survive, with fewer still in decent condition.
That’s why Herman Miller is bringing back the Net Light, resurrecting a rare
component of George Nelson design history. We have recreated the Net
Light using the same specifications and materials used in the original design.
The distinctive size and shape of the pendant lamp will make a lovely and
rare addition for modern interiors.

Shade 38" H x 16" Dia