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Luster Candle Holder Set of 3 by Menu

Luster Candle Holder Set of 3 by Menu

$80.00 CAD

Product Information

Size: S: 4,5cm, M: 8cm, L: 12cm. Material: Zinc alloy. Colours: Black

Candleholders in various heights are visually pleasing on any table, and you can play around to get the setting just right. Luster Candle Holder comes in 3 different sizes, S, M, and Large.

All three have elongated bodies with a rounded finish towards the table. This gives them a light and refined expression with elegant details – yet they are both steady and safe to handle.

The Oslo-based designers Jonas Ravlo Stokke & Øystein Austad say, “We wanted to emphasise the power of candles. To us, adding a lit candle to any table completely transforms the experience. A dinner with a lit candle is a totally different experience to one without”.

We couldn’t agree more.